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Discover the Unseen 

Explore your non-visual Senses – Embrace the Dialogue to overcome Darkness

The concept of Dialogue in the Dark is simple: visitors are lead by blind guides in small groups through specially designed darkened rooms. Scent, sounds, wind, temperature and textures convey the characteristics of daily environments – for example a park, a city, a boat cruise or a bar. The daily routines become a new dimension. A reversal of roles is created: people who can usually see are confronted with the sudden withdrawal of their key-sense sight and are taken out of their familiar environment. Blind people are the experts out of their living circumstances, and provide the public with security and a sense of orientation by transmitting to them a world without pictures. The tour itself lasts for about one hour but the effects can last a lifetime.

The concept has proved quite effective. Since more than twentyfive years Dialogue in the Dark has been presented in 39 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Millions of visitors have been led through the exhibition by thousands of blind individuals, and learned to see in the darkness.


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Диалог на тъмно – да разберем живота на незрящите
Диалог на тъмно – да разберем живота на незрящите
DiD 2015 09 29 VIDEO Australia Dialogue in the Dark with Guide Dogs Victoria Interview with Andreas
DiD 2015 09 29 VIDEO Australia Dialogue in the Dark with Guide Dogs Victoria Interview with Andreas