This section provides an opportunity to the partners, managers, guides & facilitators associated with Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) network across the globe for an exchange program at different DiD venues. 

About Partner Exchange Program

The Exchange Program for Dialogue in the Dark network is meant to give opportunities to managers, guides and facilitators to: 

  • Visit another DiD operating center 
  • Spend some time in observing and learning from them
  • Exchange good practices and dealing with challenges 
  • Operate, guide in the exhibition or facilitate workshops
  • Get some inspiration and retreat


Managers can visit for host venue for 3 – 5 days and guides & facilitators can operate for 1 to 4 weeks.


  • Chance for a personal & professional growth through collecting experience in another country
  • Challenging exposure is empowering for becoming more active to contribute internally in the venue, as well as externally in the society, once he/she is back
  • Increases the cross-cultural competencies, such as empathy, when having a foreigner in the team
  • Good practices among the local team can be shared, e.g. exchange of knowledge and practice, training language, independent living and operational skills, improving one’ self
  • For the sending venue, better knowledge of the foreign language to operate with, more knowledge about cultural diversity etc. 
  • The exchange program participant can deliver workshops once he/she is back to share information and skills in a structured way
  • The guest can bring benefits from his/her own culture and run different workshops for the local collaborators to learn

Current Exchange Venue

Current Exchange Venue

A museum without any collections, and an exhibition with nothing to see

more information
Dialogue in the Dark, Istanbul

One of the most visited exhibitions in Israel

more information
Dialogue in the Dark, Holon

One of the oldest Dialogue venues

more information
Dialogue in the Dark, Hamburg

A business Workshop venue in western India

more information
Dialogue in the Dark, Ahmedabad

Dialogue venue in the Austrian capital

more information
Dialogue in the Dark, Vienna

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