Dialogue in the Dark, Holon

Contact Person - Sarit Negrin Avidar

About the Venue - DID Israel was established in 2004. It is located in the city of Holon and is part of the Israeli Children's Museum. DID is known to be one of the most visited exhibitions in Israel; In 2016 - 78,000 people visited the exhibition. The complex has two floors: one is for the exhibition itself and the second is for the business workshops.  Our staff, all known for their unique and appealing mixture of wonderful and fascinating people representing the huge verity of the Israeli cultures - Jews, Muslims, Druze, Bedouin, straight & gay, religious & secular, at the age range between 18 to 68. We have about 30 blind/visually impaired guides and trainers plus 15 sighted guides. DID Israel conduct tours in several languages – Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

Learning Possibilities - Guiding in DID Israel will most likely enrich anyone with special assisting tools: 

  • Meeting a large verity of group types such as special education children, kids with huge range of learning disabilities, Juvenile delinquency etc.
  • Interaction with groups from all over the world that are coming to participate and experience DID Israel
  • Meeting with the diverted vibrant Israeli cultures in their lively pace of life

About Holon - Holon is a central city in Israel, located just 6 Km from Tel Aviv. It is part of the metropolitan of "Gush Dan". Holon attracts visitors due to the cultural approach, which is major leading factor in the city's priorities. The city offers multidisciplinary cultural experiences vary by qualitative, innovative, and accessible approach to all ages, population groups, flavors and styles. Holon draws and attracts people from Israel and from all over the world, due to its attitude towards the variety of culture experiences.

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