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Contact Person – Fredrik Fischer

About the venue - Dialogue in the Dark, Vienna has been operating since 2009. The venue offers regular tours, seasonal tours (summer and Halloween), breakfast tours on Saturdays, dinner in the dark, educational workshops and cultural programs (only from time to time, e.g. concerts, theatre, comedy). DiD Vienna is located in the historic heart of beautiful Vienna. It has a team of 9 full-time & part-time facilitators (coming from 6 different countries) and additional team of 8 members (admin, management, ticketing, customer service).

Learning Possibilities - Dialogue in the Dark, Vienna is a venue that has overcome tough times and managed to survive. It has lean and amicable structures with a team always trying to support one another. The incoming guest would get to know a broad variety of programs and an insight in working with a diverse team.

About Vienna – Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, is located in the very middle of Europe and has big historic and diplomatic relevance. Vienna has been on top of the international Mercer studies on urban quality of living for years. It is a very safe city and there are always some nice events to spend your free time. You get around easily due to the great network of public transport. Vienna is well-known for its coffee tradition, food culture, laid- back-lifestyle and special kind of humor. It is one rare urban area producing its own wine. Moreover, it is famous for being the home of classical music and lots of famous artists and poets. Vienna has always been a melting pot of cultures, not only because it used to be the capital of the former huge Austrian-Hungarian Empire. No other German speaking area has as many students as Vienna. Almost 10% of the populations (there are ~ 2 million people living in Vienna) are students. Although you will find something fun and unconventional to do every day, there is always some calm and green recreation area close by.

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