• DiD-Sao Paolo various Guestbook Entries in Portuguese-August 2015
  • DiD-Sao Paolo Guestbook Entries in Portuguese-August 2015

Guestbook: Visitor Impressions



Quotes from global Dialogue Hubs

“Palavras? Não Tenho. Emocionante com certeza saiu. Daqui com mais vontade, vontade de viver. Viver intensamente. A partir de hoje tudo muda, não vou concluir, vou voltar quero sentir isso de novo.”
“Words? I do not have. It leaves me deeply moved, that much is certain. From here on with more longing to live. To live with intensity. Since today all is different, I will not stop here, I will come back, want  to feel exactly this once again.” Diálogo no Escuro, São Paulo

"Amazing experience! 45 minutes journey makes you strongly believe in having faith in others. Feel of enhanced sensorium leaves you stunned by the end. The tour ends in 45 minutes but the amazing feelings linger on! A must visit place if you are in Hyderabad." Dialogue in the Dark, Hyderabad

"A magical evening, I have discovered a new light inside of me. Thank you." Facebook, Dialogo nel Buio, Milano

"This will understand only those who experienced this! 1.5 hour spent in the complete darkness in which you have a tour through the streets of Istanbul - park, pedestrian street, have a ride with tram and boat - and all in complete darkness guided by the actual blind person.. It is overwhelming, shocking and scary experience as I have never thought that life of the blind is so difficult.. It changed some things in me and definitely recommended to everyone to raise more empathy to people around us and appreciate more that we can see this wonderful world!" Tripadvisor, Dialogue in the Dark Istanbul

"We did the 90 minute Dialogue in the Dark tour. It was outstanding, a real eye opening experience on what it's like to be blind. Our kids, ages 11 and 14, really enjoyed it and got a tremendous amount out of it. Not to be missed." Tripadvisor, Dialogue in the Dark Holon