Host an Exhibition

Engage Visitors in Empathy

Type of Exhibition
Dialogue in the Dark is a participatory experience.Visitors spend 60 to 90 minutes, exploring galleries in complete darkness. Depending on the cultural background of the exhibition, the galleries can be a public park, a bustling street, a food market, a boat, a café, or similar.

Hosting an Exhibition
As a host you do not rent the exhibition but become a licensee, for short or longer time periods. Licensees are provided with all necessary technical, conceptual and organisational know-how, also in the selection and training of visually impaired staff. This enables a licensee to set up and run a Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition independently. Find more details in our FAQs. Send us a request.

Visitors, Tours and Target Audience
• Individuals and groups of visitors aged eight and older
• Groups of up to 9 people
• New tours starting up to every 15 minutes
• 4 tours per hour as maximum

Educational Aims
• Raise awareness about non-visual perception
• Foster encounters to overcome social barriers
• Learn about visual impairment
• Increase awareness of Otherness
• Develop social skills such as empathy and trust

Space requirements
• 400m² installation – including light traps for entrance and exit and five galleries
• 100m² for lobby and staff rooms
• 50 to 100m² for pre- and post-tour educational activities
• minimum ceiling height of 3,50 m

Visitor Attendance
• 6-month exhibition
• open six days a week
• operating hours 10-18h
• max. 32 tours per day
• max. 256 visitors per day
• max. 38.400 visitors in 6 months