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Scenario: A completely different Experience

Dialogue in the Dark CNN report

In the Absence of any visual Information

In the dark, roles are reversed. Those who are usually perceived as weak and disabled are the strong and abled ones. This leads to a shift of perspective and supports the main objective of Dialogue in the Dark: A better understanding about the real life situation of blind people, and the overcoming of false sympathy, prejudices and stereotypes. Interest replaces ignorance, and lack of understanding can be changed into empathy. You can experience the exhibition in these 26 cities worldwide.

A tour in the exhibition lasts for 1 to 1,5 hour and happens in complete darkness. In the beginning it’s a shock to accept the total absence of any visual information, but bit by bit human nature is able to adapt and can cope with the unusual circumstance. Most importanly are two helpers: Firstly, a white cane is delivered before the journey starts. This every day aid of blind people helps to find orientation in the dark, and protects everyone while moving around by identifying obstacles of all kind. Secondly, no one is left alone in the dark. All tours are organized in groups of up to eight people, and lead by an experienced and specially trained blind guide. S/he knows exactly how to supervise the group. Comfort and safety are guaranteed and as the most competent ambassador blind individuals convey a culture without images. The visitors explore the unseen, and learn to see in darkness. Communication bridges the gaps, and with physical support as holding hands and most importantly trust, all people appreciate the tour in the dark. The tour guide takes the group through faithfully recreated environments as a park, a city, helps to embark a ride on a boat or offers a drink or a snack in the bar. An invisible landscape emerges, composed out of sounds, scents, wind, textures and temperatures and arises inner pictures in the people’s mind.

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