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About Dialogue in the Dark Bangkok, Thailand

Dialogue in the Dark Thailand opened in 2010 located at NSM Science Square in downtown of Thailand’s capital, which is organized by the National Science Museum Thailand under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The exhibition design is based on Thai context to provide exciting and value experience in the dark. Since its opening, Dialogue in the Dark offers plenty of special events and educational activities beside the exhibition. The Dialogue in the Dark Thailand has become one of the best-rated activities in Bangkok on Tripadvisor and has received First runner-up in Best Innovation for Parenting, Parent of the Year 2015 Award.

"DiD is the only exhibition that we cannot see anything but leave you with the best impression. It is where we will learn how to interact with the surrounding by using our other senses. We can say that this is one of the most valuable experiences in exploring our non-visual senses and even can change our mindset." Kannikar Wongthongsiri, President of National Science Museum, Thailand. 

Open since October 2010



NSM Science Square @ Chamchuri Square 4th FL
Phaya Thai Rd., Pathumwan, Pathumwan
Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Phone: +66 (0)2 577 9999 ext. 18 to 30

Website: http://www.nsm.or.th/english/


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  • +49 (0) 40 300 923 20
  • info[at]dialogue-se.com

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