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About Dialogue in the Dark Frankfurt, Germany

Dialogue in the Dark in Frankfurt is housed at the DialogMuseum since 2005, founded and headed by Klara Kletzka, one of the pioneers in the Dialogue World. Here in Frankfurt, the first Dialogue in the Dark ever was set up in 1988! Apart from the exhibition, DialogMuseum offers many events, workshops and special concepts for school children, including new initiatives like the “Invisible friend” game or the “Blind Traveller” weeks, where a visit to the exhibition turns into a trip to a secret  foreign country. The museum develops new content constantly and has a major focus on employing people with disabilities of all kinds. 

For me Dialogue in the Dark started like a virus infection… but it turned out to be a chronic disease. And in painful times I asked a coach what to do. He answered: If you cannot leave it, love it. So I do since 27 years!” Klara Kletzka


Open since November 2005



Dialogmuseum gGmbH
Hanauer Landstraße 137-145
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: (+49) 69 90 43 21 44

Website: http://www.dialogmuseum.de/


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  • +49 (0) 40 300 923 20
  • info[at]dialogue-se.com

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