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About Dialogue in the Dark Genoa, Italy

Dialogue in the Dark Genoa is uniquely located on a ship, moored in the Darsena area of the Old Port. It was opened in 2013 by the Istituto David Chiossone Onlus foundation which has been devoted since 1868 to rehabilitation and integration of people with visual impairment. Dialogue in the Dark Genoa (or Dialogo nel Buio Genoa), located in a very touristic area, is combining its social mission with a creative approach, being able to get ranked by Tripadvisor among the top 3 attractions in town. Supported by the Region of Liguria, the Province of Genoa, the City of Genoa and the Port Authority of Genoa, it offers many side events in and outside the exhibition itself, drawing visitors from all over the region.

Open since May 2013



Porto Antico di Genova,
di fronte al Museo Galata, Genova

Phone: +39-348-4417930

Website: http://dialogonelbuio.chiossone.it/


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  • +49 (0) 40 300 923 20
  • info[at]dialogue-se.com

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