20th DID International Meeting

Hard to believe ? But we celebrated our 20th Dialogue in the Dark International meeting in November 2016 at Paris. This meeting had a very unique feature: it gathered only the main Dialogue in the Dark leaders and decision takers worldwide.


Hard to believe? But we have celebrated our 20th Dialogue in the Dark international meeting! And no better city to meet with all our partners than Paris!

This meeting had a very unique feature: it gathered only the main Dialogue in the Dark leaders and decision takers worldwide. No externals and no blind or partially sighted guides participated this time.

We hosted Dialogue leaders from 4 continents: Australia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong… almost All the Dialogue in the Dark hubs were present!

The meeting kicked off on the 10th evening with a wonderful cocktail reception by the DSE hostess in Paris, Andreas Heinecke and Orna Cohen. It was a chance to meet again with all the DiD international family.

On the 11th all leaders went into an intensive process of sharing, reflecting and learning. Two workshops were facilitated by Natasha Walker: “reflecting Dialogue in the Dark biggest challenges” and “Securing the future of Dialogue in the Dark.” The day ended with a great dinner and a wonderful walk to Paris by night.

On the 12th, the last workshop took place, “increase the effectiveness of Dialogue in the Dark network” where all Dialogue leaders committed to act together for the mutual benefit and to achieve a global Dialogue movement and greater impact in society.

Finally, we all went on board for a boat ride in the Seine River and finished in a team cooking workshop where we prepared our own dinner!

This 20th international meeting was indeed full of energy, talent, learning, friends and passion. Thanks to all attendees from so many countries and thanks to the DSE coordinators, especially Noémie Sei for a wonderful organization. And let’s keep the Dialogue on in the whole world!

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