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Greece, Athens

Dialogue in the Dark Athens

The latest Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Athens is open in Greece's largest theatre - the Badminton Theater.

Offering major international theater, dance and television productions, the theatre complex is now home to the Greek Dialogue in the Dark exhibition.

Located inside the area of the metropolitan park of Goudi, the location is within reach of public transport and has ample parking facilities.

Badminton Theater Athens
Olympic Properties Goudi
Athens 15773, Greece

Contact information

Phone: (+30) 210 88 40 600
Fax: (+30) 211 10 100 55
E-Mail: info@badmintontheater.gr
URL: http://www.badmintontheater.gr/


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Tour the dark with «Dialogue in the Dark» in Badminton Theater
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Tour the Dark with «Dialogue in the Dark» - in Greek
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