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Experiential Learning Workshops

Enabling Leaders and Teams to see from a new Perspective

Our workshops are based on the experiential learning methodology and its four stages: concrete experience, observation and reflection, experience interpretation and conceptualization and application. Participants of our workshops spend two to three hours in the dark. Blind facilitators create a range of exercises in unpredictable situations similar to many business landscapes. And this is our added value. Teams, leaders and executives do not learn anymore from theory but from experience. And the actual business experience is subject to abrupt changes and unpredictable scenarios.

Since it is not possible to use one’s visual sense, one has to activate entirely new resources, instincts and unused potential to reach a set goal: Darkness accelerates, amplifies and anchors learning processes.

You choose the topic you or your client would like to work on:
• Teambuilding
• Leadership
• Effective Communication
• Change Management
• Empathy, Trust, Diversity

The benefits of the workshop in the dark are re-enforced by an extended time for debriefing, reflection and consolidation of learning. Returning to a lit environment, participants share their experiences, observations, surprises, frustrations and learning.

• Learn to operate in an unfamiliar environment
• Discover and overcome one's own limits
• Increase awareness of human diversity
• Improve ability to communicate clear and precisely
• Increase ability to self-reflect and empathise
• Improve active listening and cooperation
• Work out a common vision

A Dark workshop experience brings dramatic insights for professional leaders and their teams:

• Executives wishing to improve their emotional intelligence and enhance their leadership abilities
• Teams working together under challenging circumstances
• Managers and talents looking to enhance their social and managerial skills
• People wanting to come together and share a totally new experience

Dark workshops can be booked for any location worldwide, in an existing Dialogue in the Dark hub or in a specially prepared room at your selected meeting site.

Our facilitators are blind or partially sighted. They are trained experts in non-visual perception and create a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy, openness and fun. It is also an opportunity to reflect on one's purpose and productivity in a safe, professional and personal space. While contributing to leadership development and enhancing human interaction and a mutual understanding, our workshops confirm Martin Buber’s observation that “The only way to learn is by encounter.”

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DiD Business Workshop LongTerm Survey & Evaluation Report, March 2012