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In Dialogue in the Dark visitors are connected through the strong emotionality of the experience, something which gives rise to mutual support and a shared basis for communication. Social distance disappears and solidarity is born: people are not judged and labeled quickly but are given the chance to express themselves and their values during conversation. Participants in the exhibition develop empathy & understanding of people with disabilities and gain an expanded awareness of human variety. 

Due to the dissemination of Dialogue in the Dark Exhibitions around the world over 9 million people’s perspectives toward “otherness” may have been changed. Also over a thousand visual -impaired and blind people have been given a stage to enter into dialogue and foster empathy with an audience. 

Learn more about the blind guides & trainers who work with us. 

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Are you an existing museum, exhibitor, entrepreneur or just starting out and are keen to get involved in business for social good? If Yes, Dialogue in the Dark provides an exciting, successful and sustainable business opportunity. Dialogue in the Dark is one of the most successful social business phenomena with 27 years of strong track history and over 25 global partners. Learn more about how you could become part of this journey today.


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